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What is Converge?

Converge is a smarter way to stay on top of your commodity exposure. It’s a dynamic new online tool that makes it easy for you to organize, track and analyze commodities positions so that you can make more-informed business decisions.

Converge is a product of INTL FCStone, a global, diversified financial services organization with deep experience in all widely traded commodities and a heritage dating back to 1924.

Name Your Commodity

From corn to coffee, or cotton to copper, Converge works for any commodity you can name. What's more, Converge is connected to 34 different commodity exchanges worldwide and enables you to enter custom commodity prices, allowing you to track and manage futures market as well as cash market positions. In short, Converge helps you bring order to all of the commodity-related variables that can impact your company's business.

Make Everything Easier

If your job involves tracking, forecasting and managing commodity positions in the cash or futures market, your life just got easier. Whether you’re a commodity buyer, a seller, or a bit of both, Converge can eliminate the confusion and frustration of managing multiple positions and let you get more work done, more quickly.


Make more intelligent decisions with better insights. Manage positions and evaluate scenarios to protect your profit margins.


If you need commodities to run your business, you need Converge. Plan production schedules that lock in commodity costs and protect your margins.


Get rid of those clunky spreadsheets to track inventory and transactions. View every position and account for every variable.


Here's a helpful tool for you and your clients to more effectively work together and manage risk and gain insights.

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Take Control Today

If commodity price fluctuations are the difference between a record-breaking year and one you’d rather forget, it’s critically important to understand what’s going on in the market and how it impacts you. Converge gives you the tools to make better decisions today that can help you protect your profit margins every day going forward.

Throw Away Your Spreadsheets

Throw away the clunky spreadsheet system or software that’s not specifically designed to track commodities. Whether you’re a commodities buyer or seller, Converge makes it easy to keep track, on a dynamic, real-time basis, of hundreds of positions in the cash and futures markets.

Stay In Control

Your data is protected by bank and financial-institution industry-standard security protocols. You retain control and ownership of your data, and it won’t be shared with anyone without your explicit permission.

Rely On Us

Converge is a product of INTL FCStone.  With a heritage dating back to 1924, we understand the global commodity markets as well as anyone – because we trade spot and futures contracts on behalf of our clients for virtually every major commodity, all day, every day.

Account For Everything

We help you keep track of every element of risk whether you’re growing coffee in Colombia or soybeans in South Dakota.

Make "What If?" Happen

Discover how potential price shifts will affect your positions and financial picture – before the markets move.

Examine Your Options

Dozens of report options help you understand your positions, exposures, and historical performance, as well as analyze “what if” scenarios.

Simplify Your Life

Converge is intuitive, easy-to-use and supremely flexible.  And with real-time market data, tracking the value of your market positions and inventory is a snap.

Converge is a Product of INTL FCStone

Converge is a product of INTL FCStone, a global leader in commodities trading. INTL FCStone provides market intelligence and trading services to more than 10,000 clients from our 36 offices around the world.

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