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CONVERGE is a product of INTL FCStone, a pioneer in specialized financial services focused on opening markets for companies that are under-served by other financial services organizations.

From our beginnings in 1924 in the American heartland, INTL FCStone is now trusted by thousands of clients around the world that we serve with a broad array of products and services and in-depth industry knowledge and expertise.

Our customers include the producers, processors, and end users of virtually every major traded commodity; commercial counter-parties; and governmental, non-governmental and charitable organizations. We also serve institutional investors, brokers, professional traders, commercial banks, and major investment banks.

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A Heritage of Innovation

From 1924, when a door-to-door egg wholesaler founded a business called Saul Stone and Company, to today, when INTL FCStone has become a global financial services organization, thousands of companies around the world rely on us for our wide array of services and our in-depth knowledge and expertise.

We were the first Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) to trade ethanol.
We were the first FCM to trade agricultural derivatives for risk management in Brazil.
We were the first FCM to provide comprehensive dairy risk-management services.
We have recognized expertise in precious metals, industrial metals, dairy, coffee and other softs, natural gas, ethanol, energy and many other widely traded commodities.
We were the only non-bank to register to trade swaps of emerging-market currencies on day one of the market’s introduction.
We were the first FCM to offer commodity risk-management services in many regions of the world.
We are one of the leading London Metal Exchange (LME) ring-dealing members.
We are a leading securities market-maker for international commodities companies.
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