Why Converge?

Converge: Data to Drive Profits

It used to be a substantial challenge to stay on top of disparate sources of data flooding in from across the globe that impact dozens if not hundreds of positions across multiple markets.  Not anymore.  Not with Converge.  Converge transforms that flood of data into a coherent, easy-to-understand overview of all of your commodity cash and futures market positions, allowing you to manage your risk and protect your profit margins.

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Don't Just Organize, Analyze

Converge uses powerful software and computing power to bring order to commodity-market chaos.  It presents your data in a clear, organized and intuitive user interface.  Because the tool is web-based, market values automatically stream in and update.  So all that time you used to spend compiling and organizing can now be spent analyzing and planning.

At-a-Glance Understanding

Converge’s ability to track anywhere from one position to hundreds and organize them into easily understandable presentations means you’ll always have a quick, up-to-date status report on your current situation. No matter what commodities you work with — coffee, corn, livestock, energy or anything else — Converge organizes it into an easy-to-use single “source of truth.”

Recognize your Risk

Converge makes the critical task of risk management much easier. The flow of data and organization of the tool helps identify risk and tracks the steps you take to manage it.

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